Monday, May 26, 2008

Total Ignorance of a Dumb Blonde

Fourteen days ago in Sichuan province, China, a 7.9 richter scale earthquake rocked this scenic part of China. Government troops, foreign workers, volunteers made all attempts to find & save's been 14 is unlikely anymore victims would be found.

Three days of mourning occurred last week across the nation. Regardless of race, everyone stood still for 3 minutes to mourn for these innocent victims of a painful, target-less natural disaster.

One day ago, dressed in designer duds at a posh Cannes festival event, a passe actress who still thinks she is an "it" girl (NOT), makes a bloody ignorant comment that the earthquake is karma for China. Reason is because she did not like the way the chinese were treating the tibetans. If she read a bit more, listened a bit more, and not be an ignorant ditz, she should know that natural disasters could occur anywhere, anytime. As I said, these things do not have targets. If she thought it was 'karma', then I guess she believed that thousands of innocent Americans died in 9/11 due to karma. She should be ashamed of herself and if I were her, I'd go into hiding because for someone who is supposed to represent human rights (by being good friends with the Dalai Lama), she is not very "human". She should bow down to the innocent victims and their families. Total disgrace.

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