Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's been so long...

The last time I wrote in here was sitting in an airport lounge in KL...numerous meetings and other airport lounges later, here I am again.

To make what would have been a very long "catchup" post, I'm just going to be lazy and bullet point some key highlights in my life since the last entry:
  • went to small claims court with that ex-landlord of mine. We didn't proceed to the next step of actually seeing the judge because the thought of having to see her & her dreadful husband once more nearly made me throw up. We met an adjudicator and settled on deducting another 10% from what she owed me. I forbid myself to talk in detail about this day because my blood rises..
  • my mom came back to visit for about 3 months -- great to have her help out but not so good for my husband since he has to sleep on a cot in the den. Also having NOT lived with my parents for a long time, she could some times drive us up the wall with her nagging. There were a few times that we argued--over how she fed my son salty food, coffee, sweet drinks and how she was extremely particular with my husband's habits
  • Gavin turned one on Feb 3--we threw him a small party at my friend Anna's art studio. I don't think it will be memorable for him, but he was such a superboy that day...napped for only 20mins and did not miss much from the party! The kids had lots of fun because there was an artwork session, then drama, then cake! (Barney)
  • Work has been hectic as usual and i was a little close to resigning... only because the travel was getting too much and I missed Gavin every time I had to walk out the door with my Samsonite
  • Godmom also came to stay with us for 2 months, right after my mom left. So again my husband had to resort to the foldup cot! Poor guy. He will be glad when we have no visitors for awhile!

Gavin started walking 3rd week of April - he looks so cute because he still loses his balance sometimes! Teeth remain at 4, but he picked up this super wicked smile where he squints his eyes & just shows his teeth. Daddy mimicks him and he does it right away!!

Spring has certainly set in Hong Kong -- flubug is rampant due to the change in weather & nurseries are taking every precaution to prevent germs from spreading. When Gavin goes to playgroup on Saturdays, his temperature gets taken & hands get sterilized. We joined a new playgroup last week and I think I washed my hands with him about 5 times in a span of 1.5 hours. I'm not complaining!! It certainly trains him to keep himself clean.

I love spending time reading my friend Linda's blog -- it just makes me laugh/smile because I can picture her saying it! She's such a supermom and sometimes I wish I could be 20% of what she is because I am just so undomesticated! She can tend 3 kids, cook, clean and manage to see friends/relatives! She makes a mean banana cake, in addition to brownies & other yummy stuff...sometimes I wish I could move back to a more tranquil life in Toronto. Sigh...some day....

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