Monday, December 10, 2007

A grey cloud looming over

It's funny how time flies when you're so busy. In the past few months, work has been crazy (nothing new!)..luckily life at home with Gavin has been healthy & happy.

Unfortunately we had come across some unfortunate events which has left me feeling very pessimistic to this year end. Could it be feng shui? Could it be that this year, people born in the year of the Rooster has offended the Tai Shui God will face some challenges? Or is it a test to see how strong we could stay together? How to stay sane when faced with people you thought would not exist in this world?

Our ex-landlord is one of them. A woman in her mid-50s, about 150cm tall and 150lbs heavy...she weaved this grey cloud into our lives in the past 2 months. We gave her 1.5 months notice advising her that we were ending our rental contract one month early. No objections from her & a date was set to "clear" the house & return keys / security deposit.

The day arrives & after checking the emptied apartment (which my husband even swept!), she then queried why we never fixed the wooden tiles in the hallway. FLASHBACK 1.5 years ago: my husband had already told her that the tiles were starting to heave up due to humidity or dampness. We then found out that a number of other households had the same problem... it was a drainage issue in the bathroom. We proceeded to tell her that it'd be a huge amount of work & where could we go with a baby?

To make a long story short, she then mentiioned we still had one month to go in our contract & said that we had to pay for that month (meaning she would deduct one month's rent). Over the next hour, we argued with her, her so-called husband (whom she does not admit is her husband)... we disagreed to paying even 50% of one months rent & just asked them to leave because if they wanted to play by the books, so would we.

After staying in the apartment for a little while longer, we left but found the landlords, property agent & landlord's accountant downstairs waiting for us. They finally agreed they would deduct $2000. from our security deposit (this was an offer I had made upstairs). So, in agreement, we expected they would have a cheque -- NO! They did not even bring a cheque book... knowing very well that this is part of "return of the apartment" process. At first we refused to hand over the keys, so they drafted up a written agreement noting that the payment would be deposited in 2 days (Monday). I was hesitant but then the male landlord said that it's based on trust & "why would I cheat you?" The property agent also affirmed that.

Low & behold by Monday, nothing. Tuesday, nothing. After several phone calls to the landlord, the male landlord finally said, "It's not as if I owe you $100,000, take it easy. I'm so busy, that's why I have not had a chance to deposit it." By Wednesday, they still did not deposit it was obvious they were not going to return our security deposit.

About to board a flight to Langkawi.... to be continued because the story gets more interesting!!!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It's been nearly 3 months since I've written in here! I'm still a "dummy" at blogging...I wish I spent the effort to upload more interesting pics or banners. Nonetheless, Gavin is now 7months old yet one constant is he still enjoys scratching his head whenever he gets cranky & sleepy. He looks like a little monkey!

3rd wedding anniversary has come and gone...I feel like I've been married for 30 years already because someone the romance is just not there. My husband just is not the type...and makes you wonder how we're going to go forward!? Are other couples like this? I get very frustrated and feel that making more efforts on my part won't make it any better - just makes me feel "why should I do everything?" OH well...

The happiest time in my day is waking up to the sounds of my son's babbling & coming home to see him curled up in his crib, sucking his pacifier. His eyes are getting bigger...but then again, it could be because his face seems smaller? I love the expressions he displays when I make funny noises or change my expressions. He is just in awe and in love with me...

Now I really know what motherly love feels is like melted chocolate on vanilla ice cream times 1 million times!! Unexplainable but I'm sure many mothers out there know what I mean. I shall endeavor to write more.... this certainly clears my head -- then I can sleep better amidst the stress and hectic life in HK.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Procrastination II

Interestingly enough, I am learning alot when it's 320am here! I can almost hear my mother's voice telling me that I procrastinate alot ... I hope I do not pass this bad habit down to baby G.

Calling it a night since tomorrow is our day together...before I head off to Shanghai for 5 days!

Until next time...


Finally getting started...

It's been about two months since I've set up my account, chosen the template & settings...but just not ready to start blogging! Why is it so difficult for me to enter this new trend of jotting down our thoughts & possibly sharing it with the rest of the world? I've got so much to write about... and I keep saying that I need to buy a nice diary so that I can write a diary about my baby Gavin. sigh...that's another project that I have to start.

Whoever reads this probably wil be bored? Bear with me...I'm new at this & I promise I will have interesting insights to share as I get used to it. I promise!

Basically this week has been stressful & exhausting at work -- though a short week due to the Dragon Boat Festival, it still seemed very long. It's Friday night & I come home straight from work to see my son -- but of course, he's always sleeping from 7-10pm. I quickly devoured my dinner, checked some emails & hit the bed for a snooze before Gavin wakes up for his bath & feed. I almost did not hear him until my husband comes in to get something from the bedroom. I tear myself away from the comforts of my cuddle with my ultimate comfort nowadays... my tired eyes quickly brighten to see a wry smile from my son upon saying 'mommy' - I do believe he recognizes me now!

We play for about an hour & then back to bed again for him. My angel, my sweet angel...have a wonderful night of peaceful sleep. See you tomorrow & look forward to spending the entire day with you -- it's Saturday..our day of adventures!

p.s. I almost thought I lost this blog -- after playing around with the settings & trying to figure out how to post pictures up to make my page a bit more interesting! Ok, anyone have any tips for me?