Friday, June 22, 2007

Finally getting started...

It's been about two months since I've set up my account, chosen the template & settings...but just not ready to start blogging! Why is it so difficult for me to enter this new trend of jotting down our thoughts & possibly sharing it with the rest of the world? I've got so much to write about... and I keep saying that I need to buy a nice diary so that I can write a diary about my baby Gavin. sigh...that's another project that I have to start.

Whoever reads this probably wil be bored? Bear with me...I'm new at this & I promise I will have interesting insights to share as I get used to it. I promise!

Basically this week has been stressful & exhausting at work -- though a short week due to the Dragon Boat Festival, it still seemed very long. It's Friday night & I come home straight from work to see my son -- but of course, he's always sleeping from 7-10pm. I quickly devoured my dinner, checked some emails & hit the bed for a snooze before Gavin wakes up for his bath & feed. I almost did not hear him until my husband comes in to get something from the bedroom. I tear myself away from the comforts of my cuddle with my ultimate comfort nowadays... my tired eyes quickly brighten to see a wry smile from my son upon saying 'mommy' - I do believe he recognizes me now!

We play for about an hour & then back to bed again for him. My angel, my sweet angel...have a wonderful night of peaceful sleep. See you tomorrow & look forward to spending the entire day with you -- it's Saturday..our day of adventures!

p.s. I almost thought I lost this blog -- after playing around with the settings & trying to figure out how to post pictures up to make my page a bit more interesting! Ok, anyone have any tips for me?

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