Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life is so unfair

Yesterday's news about the FEDEX plane that bounced up & down Narita's runway and then bursted in a ball of flames sent shivers down both mine & my husband's spines. Why? Almost every month, I go down that same runway and in the past few months, the turbulence as we near Narita has been pretty bad. That wind shear could have affected any aircraft... now I will make sure I do follow instructions and buckle up when I'm supposed to. I feel badly for the widows of the two pilots who braved the terror. Life was just too short for them...may they rest in peace and may their families eventually find peace without their loved ones.

Why do bad things happen to good & decent people while the crazy Austrian incestual, abusive father stays alive & have the opportunity to live in a cell? At least he's still living. So unfair...but his daughter and children need to live with this horror for the rest of their lives.

On another scale of evil are the greedy AIG executives. Now that they're willling to give back some of the money, I think they're doing it out of fear. Fear that they will need to repay in "other means"... these greedy bastards don't realize how many lives they've affected directly and indirectly. The list could go on forever about the implications of greed. That could be my next blog topic.

Musty March

Spring is dawning upon Hong Kong and you could surely feel it in the air. It's about 90% humidity level, drizzling, and all you smell is mustiness. I dread this time of the year...my clothes don't dry properly so we spend a fortune buying disposable dehumidifier packets for the closets! Otherwise, mould will start to form & the next thing you know, we have to throw out clothes/bags that are speckled with green fungi!

Still contemplating whether we should cut my son's hair -- it is getting a little long, however, he looks so cute. I don't want him to have the short buzz cut (though practical in this weather) because then he'll look like the rest of the boys in his class...I guess all mothers want their children to be special?

Speaking of children in HK - I never thought I would succumb to the craziness of toddler interviews, however, my 2-year old has gone through 2 rounds of interviews already and he tasted his first mouthful of "rejection". Well, not total rejection -- but he's on waiting list for the NURSERY (yes, i repeat...NURSERY) of his choice. We like that one because it's only a 15 minute walk from our home and just extremely convenient! Plus, the reputation is quite good. Now we'll have to cross our fingers that they will end up with some space by May or June. Nonetheless, i've applied for another two -- unlike other mothers who apply to about 10! Guess I'm still not that crazy.

The reason for this craziness is that it is ultimately very critical they get into a good kindergarten because that could dictate the type of primary and then high school they get into! Sigh...I wish I could just throw him into Canadian International, however, my husband is against it and wishes for him to experience the local education system. Moreover, it is very valued in our family that we keep our mother tongues.

Keep everyone posted on the outcome of the interviews...