Monday, December 10, 2007

A grey cloud looming over

It's funny how time flies when you're so busy. In the past few months, work has been crazy (nothing new!)..luckily life at home with Gavin has been healthy & happy.

Unfortunately we had come across some unfortunate events which has left me feeling very pessimistic to this year end. Could it be feng shui? Could it be that this year, people born in the year of the Rooster has offended the Tai Shui God will face some challenges? Or is it a test to see how strong we could stay together? How to stay sane when faced with people you thought would not exist in this world?

Our ex-landlord is one of them. A woman in her mid-50s, about 150cm tall and 150lbs heavy...she weaved this grey cloud into our lives in the past 2 months. We gave her 1.5 months notice advising her that we were ending our rental contract one month early. No objections from her & a date was set to "clear" the house & return keys / security deposit.

The day arrives & after checking the emptied apartment (which my husband even swept!), she then queried why we never fixed the wooden tiles in the hallway. FLASHBACK 1.5 years ago: my husband had already told her that the tiles were starting to heave up due to humidity or dampness. We then found out that a number of other households had the same problem... it was a drainage issue in the bathroom. We proceeded to tell her that it'd be a huge amount of work & where could we go with a baby?

To make a long story short, she then mentiioned we still had one month to go in our contract & said that we had to pay for that month (meaning she would deduct one month's rent). Over the next hour, we argued with her, her so-called husband (whom she does not admit is her husband)... we disagreed to paying even 50% of one months rent & just asked them to leave because if they wanted to play by the books, so would we.

After staying in the apartment for a little while longer, we left but found the landlords, property agent & landlord's accountant downstairs waiting for us. They finally agreed they would deduct $2000. from our security deposit (this was an offer I had made upstairs). So, in agreement, we expected they would have a cheque -- NO! They did not even bring a cheque book... knowing very well that this is part of "return of the apartment" process. At first we refused to hand over the keys, so they drafted up a written agreement noting that the payment would be deposited in 2 days (Monday). I was hesitant but then the male landlord said that it's based on trust & "why would I cheat you?" The property agent also affirmed that.

Low & behold by Monday, nothing. Tuesday, nothing. After several phone calls to the landlord, the male landlord finally said, "It's not as if I owe you $100,000, take it easy. I'm so busy, that's why I have not had a chance to deposit it." By Wednesday, they still did not deposit it was obvious they were not going to return our security deposit.

About to board a flight to Langkawi.... to be continued because the story gets more interesting!!!