Monday, July 6, 2009

Short summer vacation - Part 1

We managed to squeeze a quick 4-day vacation to expose baby-G to the world of Disney in Tokyo... though I've never been to the one in HK, everyone is telling me that after Tokyo Disney, there is no need to step inside HK Disney (which is an investment by all taxpayers!) Talk about lucky - we arrived at Narita & it was drizzling, overcast and just miserable. By the time we got to the hotel, it was 6pm and no use going anywhere...

Next morning when we're wide & wake with full gear running, the blue skies shone brightly as we opened the shoji curtains in our Hilton Tokyo Bay "parkview" room. YES!! After a quick breakie down in the Starbucks, off we went on the Resort Line to Disney. Baby-G's body was in awe of the crisp air, and light breeze...he was actually breathing clearly! As soon as we stepped inside, we were greeted by the famous ducks - Donald & Daisy and their canine friends Pluto & Goofy. We scanned around & saw the line up to the famous rodent - Mickey. Snap Snap Snap...a few pics with the characters whom G has never seen before, and we rushed in.

The Japanese, as organized as they are...was in full mode here in Disney. I was amazed at the number of babies & toddlers present...but more importantly at how organized the strollers were parked!! Throughout the 3 days we were here, I did not encounter one piece of garbage on the ground nor did I smell one nasty bathroom! I felt safe to actually sit on the toilet...but of course, disposable toilet seat covers were always in stock in every stall (unlike most HK toilets!)

We were amazed at how many rides baby G managed to get on! We started with a Pirates of the Caribbean ride...but then again, he wouldn't know the difference between a pirate and a normal man, I guess. The only time his heart somewhat pounded extra hard was in Alice's teacups -- thanks to daddy turning the wheel to make the cup go faster! In the end, our brave boy shed no tears & actually managed to smile a bit leaving!

More to come...stay tuned.