Thursday, February 19, 2009

Behavioral-based interviewing...for a 2-year old?

It never fails to shock me that the education system in HK is so f**ked up. My little one is going to nursery in September this year -- and to me, nursery is not all that important. However, it is quite the contrary here in HK. Nursery is an important stepping stone, not only for the development of the child, but MORE IMPORTANTLY a stone to get into a good kindergarten and thus, a good primary school.

The pressure starts now...being a working mom and quite oblivious to the requirements, I managed to miss most of the nursery application deadlines. Now I'm left with two choices ! I could stick with the playgroup kindergarten however, I'm not willing to fork out close to HKD6500 for NURSERY! For Chrissake...all they do is play, sing songs and learn the simplest of words. 6500 could feed alot of people...and buy quite the number of necessities.

Anyways, after submitting the application, I was informed that I would be notified when the interview is. Interview??? What on earth could they ask a 2 year-old who barely speaks, and in front of strangers?? After asking some more experienced parents who went through this nonsense...all said that it is rather subjective and it is by luck. Luck -- because it depends on how your toddler feels that day. G-r-e-a-t. So, my son's future education will be based on how he feels that day of the interview. I guess there is no need to role-play an interview questions... so much for pre-training!


Screamin' Mama said...

That certainly sounds stressful, my dear...I'll keep my fingers crossed that he has a good night's sleep and a great breakfast before the interview. I'm sure he will do fine...perhaps he will charm them with his adorable smile.

Screamin' Mama said...

Btw, great to see you blogging again. Please let us know what happens.