Friday, June 13, 2008

Short vacation with the men in my life

What a great week I had...spending it with my 16-mth old and 40 year old! After 3-4 consecutive weeks of travelling and/or being in training, I savored in the 4 days I took off this week. June 9th was Dragon Boat festival anyways, so we had a long weekend.

Tuesday - spent it running errands--renewing my passport, having lunch with my galfriends, strolling around Central (which I seldom do nowadays due to such a hectic worklife), people watching as I sipped my chinese style milk tea in HK's most expensive "cha chan teng" (tea house).

Wed - sans passport but in dire need to getaway for a few days to bond with the men in my life without a helper & dogs, we opted to take a 1-hr ferry ride over to Macau - Asia's Vegas! We ended up staying at Venetian, which is bigger than the one in Vegas! In between walking around the vast complex of Canal Shoppes, we managed to just 'hang out' in the suite (all suites here!) and just play with Gavin. He just loved jumping / rolling around in the king-size bed with all the pillows...felt just at home! We did try to put him in the hotel crib..but to no avail, the duvet & feather-like pillows were much more attractive to this kid.

We met up with my cousin who just moved there for work...had dinner with her on both evenings. Caught up with an ex-student of mine who now works at Westin Macau as Training proud of him that he is following in my footsteps of getting into training. He's such a sweet lad and I hope he does well in his career with Starwood!

Although it was uneventful (meaning, no partying, no drinking), the moments spent with my son these past two days are priceless. We had him all to ourselves! He slept in between us...few slaps on my face, a foot in my stomach, but that didn't matter...he slept like an angel and was our alarm clock at 1015am!! (We had to get the breakfast buffet before 11am!)

My poor husband was exhausted because Gavin clung to him so much & with my bad back, it was mostly he who was holding him in his carrier whenever he didn't want to walk or sit in his new stroller. I guess i don't blame the kid -- I'd want to be carried too & snuggle up to my mommy or daddy!

Even though it was a gloomy, rainy day in Hong Kong, the sunshine is still shining in my heart because we had him all to ourselves for a full 48 hours!

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